At present, Shaanxi Wisman High Voltage Power Co., Ltd. is the only scientific research manufacturer in China that can achieve ultra-low temperature bleaching, ultra-low ripple and ultra-high stability.

At the same time, Wisman has comprehensive advantages such as advanced theory and technology, high quality and reliability, and unique production technology, which makes Wisman products occupy a high position in the industry in the domestic and international markets.

As the only one in the same industry in China to undertake national key projects, the biggest advantage of Wisman is to customize products for customers.


Shaanxi Wisman High Voltage Power Co., Ltd. has always focused on the main business of high voltage power supply, closely followed the national and market demand, combined with the development trend of the industry, to build a “high voltage power research and development, production, sales as the basis, with operation services, after-sales service as the supplement”. The main applications are as follows.


Wisman adopts intelligent high-voltage power supply strategy, adopts all-digital control, and then transitions to intelligent control based on adaptive control and fuzzy control. Thus fully adapt to the high voltage power supply output adjustment range, a wide range of applications, load types of ever-changing special needs.

Choose Wisman, enjoy the world’s best quality and the world’s best service.

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